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Sunny Hills Church is here to listen and support you.  We’ll help you connect with others to get the care you need.
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Sunny Hills is a safe and caring place to investigate Jesus.


Sunny Hills knows how hard it is to keep little ones interested in Church. That’s why our KIDLight ministry is so popular! Parents have the choice of keeping their kids with them in “big church” or sending them to Sunday School to learn about Jesus in a way that’s fun for them. Quality nursery and preschool care is also provided.


The music at Sunny Hills is fresh and modern. We sing the latest stuff from popular artists like Chris Tomlin and Hillsong. You can participate in a way that works for you … tapping along to the tune, singing out loud, or volunteer to join the praise team, it’s up to you.


Visiting a church for the first time can feel awkward. That’s why we never introduce guests or visit people at home without permission. You get to decide how much information you share with us and how you’d like for us to interact with you. We’re friendly, but not too pushy. Relax, you’re safe here.


Our doughnuts and coffee are usually ready by 9:00 a.m. The service begins at 9:30 and lasts for one hour. You can come early, or stay late to hang out with some new friends. Grab a doughnut (or one of our healthier options) and enjoy a few smiles with us.
The latest news from our blog page:

Paving Underway!

After several weeks of careful preparation our awesome pavers (Medley / Sugar Grove Paving, Inc.) is laying down the asphalt! Woo-hoo! Maybe by this Sunday we’ll have it all done...

VBS Thank You!

Vacation Bible School was a pet-friendly world of fun!  We have some furry visitors: Amelia, the albino hedgehog. Mabel, the tiger-striped cat. Bella, the rambunctious Golden-doodle. and Jax, the rescue mutt. OH! And don’t forget our two-legged friends also...

Vacation Bible School, Sunday, June 12, 4 to 8 pm.

Kids age 3 to 12 will enjoy a great one day VBS at Sunny Hills Church on Sunday, June 12, 4 to 8 pm. Bible stories. Games. Hot dog supper. Music. Crafts. Fun! Vacation Bible School is fun and free!  Call 228-7599 for more...

Question: How do I know I am following Jesus?

We recently asked our church folk to submit questions that they wanted a good answer to. Here’s one of these questions, and a good answer: QUESTION:  How do you know when it’s Jesus telling you to follow? (Especially when it feels like a sledge hammer hit...

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