Virtual Worship Service, 2020-04-06, PALM SUNDAY

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Greetings from some of our folks:

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Worship Song: “The Old Rugged Cross.”

Play the YouTube video below and feel free to sing along … God is your audience and He applauds your devotion through song!

Without there Cross there is no hope, no salvation, no heaven.

Trivia Question

Last week’s Question: Isaiah 53:7 is a prophecy about remaining silent. To whom does it apply? the Bible is …

  1. The silence of Peter when accused of being a follower.
  2. The silence of Judas during the betrayal.
  3. The silence of God when the skies became dark.
  4. The silence of Jesus during His trial.

The correct answer is 4, the silence of Jesus during His trial. We had a RECORD NUMBER of players last week (26) and our winner of our $10 Amazon Gift Card is … Jo Anna!

This week’s Question: In Luke 24:4-5 who asks the question “Why do you seek the living among the dead?”

  1. Two unnamed men.
  2. The guards at the tomb.
  3. Jesus.
  4. An angel sitting beside the tomb.

Bible Number

Today’s Bible Number is not even a number … “alpha and omega”. Click the video below to hear more about this number.


You may pray this out loud if you wish:

“Dear God, these are unsettled times and we need You to remind us of our security and wholeness in Christ. By Your Spirit won’t You please affirm within each of us that we are loved and cared for by the God of the Universe who never sleeps nor slumbers.

Today we want to pray for our children and those who care for them. We ask You to give parents and caregivers wisdom as they walk their little ones through this crisis. Calm the fears and worries of the adults so they can better lead the children. We specifically ask you to bless:

  • Parents who are home routinely and others who find themselves laid off from work.
  • Teachers who care for children through virtual means.
  • Pediatricians and their staff’s who continue to care for children’s routine needs.
  • Daycare workers who’ve been without work.
  • In-home caretakers who help those parents who work in ‘essential industry’.
  • Grandparents whose heart’s ache to see their grand and great grandchildren.
  • Pastors, Sunday school teachers, and church friends who continue to serve our families.
  • Children of every age, culture, and situation who are the delight of the Lord’s eye.
  • Others: ____________________ .

Lord more than ever we lean into Your goodness. You are a solid rock, and we plant our feet firmly upon You.

In Jesus’ name, amen.”

Pastor Alan will be LIVE on our Facebook Page at 11:00 am. We will share your prayer requests (submitted from the check-in form above) and enjoy being together via Facebook.

Worship Song: “Wonderful, Merciful Savior.”

Sing to the Lord … He is our Audience of One.

Worship Song: “Above All.”

Think of it … “God thought of me, above all.”

Sermon: “How to THRIVE During a Crisis” Psalm 31.

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Finally, thank you for your support and encouragement during this crisis. A huge gift you can make in the name of Jesus is a phone call to a friend, co-worker, or neighbor who may be experiencing worry, loneliness, or fear. WE HAVE JESUS, what an awesome gift to share to a hurting world.

Closing Prayer

“Oh God, as we click away from this ‘virtual service’ help us to remain connected tightly to You most of all. Help my Bible reading and prayer times continue to mold me into the person You want me to be. Bless me, my family, my church, our nation, and strangers everywhere who are wondering ‘what’s next.’ In Jesus’ name, amen.”

Announcement: Next Sunday, EASTER Sunday, we will have a drive-in Easter Sunrise Service in our church gravel parking lot at 6:52 a.m. Come, circle up, stay in your vehicle, lower your window … and worship with us.


Pastor Alan will be going LIVE on Facebook at 11:00 am Sunday morning to pray and connect. Join us then and you may chat via text on Facebook.