KIDLight and Preschooler Lesson for May 3, 2020

Hey kids! Mrs. Jodey created a fun lesson for you to enjoy this weekend!

Here’s the audio of the lesson:

Jesus’ power brings hope.

Bible verses: John 11.

Let’s take a few moments to see what happens when we focus on Jesus’ hope.

See this picture? Doesn’t look like much, does it? There’s 4 dots in the middle, and 4 letters in the word “hope.”

Please focus on the 4 dots in the middle for 30 seconds. You can count or have your parents count for you. Really stare at those dots, and try not to blink as little as possible.

Okay, after the 30 seconds, quickly look over at the wall…it might take a few seconds…
Do you see him? Do you see Jesus? When we took time to focus on the 4 dots…which remind us of the 4 letters in the word “hope,” we could see Jesus! So, when we take the time to look for him, we’ll see Jesus all around us!

Have a great day kids and remember, “Jesus loves you!”