Worship Leadership Vacancy

Sunny Hills Community Church, located in Wytheville, Virginia is a 20-year-old church helping ordinary people investigate the claims of Jesus in a welcoming atmosphere that presents the Gospel of Jesus in a genuine, loving, contemporary setting. The church currently has 45 members and 157 regular attenders.

The musical style of Sunny Hills Church is contemporary worship with a mix of some traditional hymns.  The successful candidate will have a passion for reaching people for the Kingdom of God.  These musical gifts / skills will build a stronger worship setting:

  • Strong vocal leadership for Sunday worship.
  • Can help those with limited musical training develop their musicianship.
  • Familiar with the multi-media and technology used in contemporary worship.
  • Able to lead a meaningful worship experience that makes sense to ordinary people.

Please review our church membership class material to see if our church would be a good match for your ministry mindset.

Required for consideration:

  • A growing relationship with Christ.
  • Active in a local church.
  • Disciplined lifestyle.
  • “People person.”
  • A servant’s heart.
  • Specific calling to Christian ministry.
  • Able to connect with others in genuine relationships.
  • Can endorse the Sunny Hills Church culture and values.
  • Mesh with the Senior Pastor.
  • Possesses Bible literacy.
  • Flexible, teachable.

Part-time Salary Range:  $12 to $15 per hour, no benefits. 6 to 10 hours per week.

To apply for this PART TIME staff vacancy: Please submit this online form.