Worship / Youth Leadership Vacancy

Sunny Hills Community Church

Worship / Youth Leadership Vacancy

Church:  Sunny Hills Community Church, located in Wytheville, Virginia is a 20-year-old church helping ordinary people investigate the claims of Jesus in a welcoming atmosphere that presents the Gospel of Jesus in a genuine, loving, contemporary setting. The church currently has 45 members and 157 regular attenders, many without a Baptist background.

Candidate proficiencies:  The successful candidate will have a passion for reaching people for the Kingdom of God with a heart for loving people where they are and helping them to experience full life in Christ.

Music Leadership Proficiencies Youth Leadership Proficiencies
Strong vocal leadership for Sunday worship. Understands youth culture, social media savvy.
Can read music, and help those with limited music training develop their musicianship. Can support our local Young Life outreach, going to get kids instead of waiting for them to come to us.
Familiar with the multi-media and technology used in contemporary worship. Likes middle school and high school kids, enjoys being with them.
Able to lead a meaningful worship experience that makes sense to ordinary people. Able to minister to the entire family.


Ministry Description:   The Music / Youth Leader will enjoy serving Christ in a community that is caring, contemporary, and gives room for the Holy Spirit to guide people toward full maturity in Christ. A long-term, relationship model is essential to successful church health, and church leadership embraces that approach. While programs and activities have their place in the life of a church, people matter more than anything else.  The Music / Youth Leader’s time will be divided somewhat equally among:

  • Planning and preparing for the Sunday morning worship experience.
  • Plugging into our area’s Young Life youth outreach ministry.
  • Developing quality relationships that build people over time.

NOTE:  This position could be divided into two part-time positions, one focusing on the music and the other on the youth ministry.

Full-time Salary Range:  $28,000 to $32,000 plus benefits.

Part-time Salary Range:  $12 to $20 per hour, no benefits.

Vacancy Opens:  May 1, 2018.

Please review our church membership class material to see if our church would be a good match for your ministry mindset.

Required for consideration:

  • A growing relationship with Christ.
  • Active in a local church.
  • Disciplined lifestyle.
  • “People person.”
  • A servant’s heart.
  • Specific calling to Christian ministry.
  • Able to connect with others in genuine relationships.
  • Can endorse the Sunny Hills Church culture and values.
  • Mesh with the Senior Pastor.
  • Possesses Bible literacy.
  • Flexible, teachable.

To apply for this FULL TIME staff vacancy:  Please submit this online form.

To apply for this PART TIME staff vacancy: Please submit this online form.