Thank You Doris … Yummy, yummy.

Sunday night Doris had us (me and the youth group) over for youth Bible study. We played touch football, ate delicious steak subs and potato (you say po-tah-to) soup, and had a good Bible study of Acts chapter 21.

The food was delicious. I asked if she’d pack us up some soup to take home and Kim and I enjoyed that for supper tonight.

Thank you Doris for such a lovely evening. And, too make it even better, she let us play with her 3 dogs and two cats. It was wonderful.


There are a couple opportunities you can “sign-up” for:

  1. Purpose Teams. We have established five “purpose teams” to work on a specific purpose of the church:  Worship, fellowship, discipleship, ministry, and missions. Sign-up to help us on one of the teams. The sign-up sheet is on the information table at church.
  2. Host Youth Bible Study at your home. You provide a yummy supper for about 8 to 10 youth. We arrive at 6:00 p.m. on Sunday, and I lead 30 minutes of recreation. Then we enjoy 30 minutes of supper (your job!) and then we have 30 minutes of Bible study (which I lead). Sign-up on the information table at church.

Thanks!  — Alan

Biz Meetin’ Results

At our business meeting Sunday night our members took the following actions:

1) Authorized the pastor to make a $50,000 payment on our land mortgage. This brings our outstanding debt on the land loan to $82,000. As soon as this is paid off we can begin construction of our first unit.

2) Organized into five “purpose groups” and made participation on a purpose group a membership requirement. The five groups, and their coaches, are:

  • Worship. Margie P.
  • Fellowship. Katie D.
  • Discipleship. Greg K.
  • Ministry. Danny S.
  • Missions. Mark W.

Each of these groups have a simple mandate: ensure that your purpose is accomplished through Sunny Hills Church. So, for example, the fellowship team is charged with connecting our people with one another, creating a healthy and vibrant support network within our church family.

If you’d like to help one of our purpose teams, please contact the church office at 228-7599.

Baptism Report

We had a terrific baptism service on Sunday, August 27. We had 7 adults and one child present themselves for baptism. In Matthew 28 Jesus gives his “Great Comission” saying we are to 1) make disciples, 2) baptize them, and 3) teach them. Our baptized bunch was:

  • Joe and Marsha
  • Steve
  • Kara
  • Ed and Kelly
  • Corey
  • Greg

The weather was wonderful, the water was warm (relatively!), and our spirits were high. We welcome these folks into the life and ministry of Sunny Hills Church:

Baptism Photo