Virtual Worship Service, 2020-05-24.

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Worship Song: “Victory in Jesus”

Play the YouTube video below and feel free to sing along … God is your audience and He applauds your devotion through song!

Jesus sought me! What an amazing and wonderful truth.

Trivia Question

Last week’s Question: According to Matthew 6:19-21, where should we keep our treasure?

  1. In our heart. (2)
  2. Under the mattress.
  3. In heaven. (13)
  4. In a bank.

The correct answer is 3, in heaven. We had 15 players last week and our winner of our $10 Amazon Gift Card is … David and Beverly!

This week’s Question: Jesus said _____________ people will enter the narrow gate that leads to life. (Matthew 7:14)?

  1. Sinful.
  2. Many.
  3. Righteous.
  4. Few.

Bible Number

Today’s Bible Number 70 or 72 and it honors our “front line workers.” Click the video below to hear more about this number.

70 – 72


You may pray this out loud if you wish:

“Dear God, this weekend we pray for heroism. Each of us wishes that, when pressed for courage, we might demonstrate heroism. I know that many men and women who have worn proudly the Uniform of our great country have routinely lived a life of heroism. Perhaps most of these heroes chose that path. But, LORD I would say some of them were faced with sudden and terrible choices that compelled them to take on the mantle of a hero … even to the point of sacrificing everything.

Lord, you are well acquainted with that.

“No greater love hath a man than to give his life for a friend.” (John 15:13) We know this verse well and are humbled to know that WE are the friend you died for. That says so much about You, and also it speaks volumes about us and how important we are to you.

So Jesus, help us to love others with Your style of loving, indeed You’ve commanded that. You are the ultimate Commander, and we are Your army … a force dedicated to serving You above all else.

Lord, bless the families of those who even now stand guard for us. In times of crisis we need protection, Yours of course, but also theirs.

Jesus, may we see more and more heroes among us as we also pray for a smaller and smaller need for them. In Jesus’ name, amen.”

We will share your prayer requests (submitted from the check-in form above) during our prayer time during our Sunday morning service.

Worship Song: “You Are.” (Colton Dixon)

Jesus is everything … the air we breath in … You are!

Worship Song: “Build Your Kingdom Here.” (Rend Collective)

Everywhere I go, high and low, I go with You! I won’t be afraid …

Sermon: World’s Best Sermon: “How to Pray.” (Matthew 6:5-15)


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Finally, thank you for your support and encouragement during this crisis. A huge gift you can make in the name of Jesus is a phone call to a friend, co-worker, or neighbor who may be experiencing worry, loneliness, or fear. WE HAVE JESUS, what an awesome gift to share to a hurting world.

Closing Prayer

“Oh God, as we click away from this ‘virtual service’ help us to remain connected tightly to You most of all. Help my Bible reading and prayer times continue to mold me into the person You want me to be. Bless me, my family, my church, our nation, and strangers everywhere who are wondering ‘what’s next.’ In Jesus’ name, amen.”


If you are considering worshiping at Sunny Hills in person, please watch this walk-thru of what you might find different:

Matthew 5:27-37

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