A “disciple” is a person who follows someone else. A football coach has a team … and as they follow his leadership … they become his players, or “disciples.”

The Christian has a coach, Jesus. We are players on Jesus’ “faith team.” That makes us disciples of Jesus Christ. A disciple listens to and follows the coach.

Here are some quick steps you can take to become a more fully devoted disciple of Jesus:

  • Spend time every day reading the Bible.
  • Pray throughout the day … little prayers scattered through the day help us focus on Christ.
  • Read some good Christian literature. Our church has a free “lending library” for you to use.
  • Participate in a Bible study small group every week. Call the church office to discover where and when our small groups are meeting.

We can help you grow in your faith. If you have a question, simply ask for a straightforward answer.

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