Growth Groups

Would you like to dig deeper into the Bible and grow in your faith? I would!

Growth comes best as we connect with others and grow together, building lasting friendships as we move forward in our faith journey.  Our “sermon based small group” ministry is a great place to meet and grow with other people. The study focus of the small groups is the topic and scripture used in Sunday’s sermon. You’ll get to continue the conversation asking questions about what the sermon was about and how it might apply in your life situation.

Each group is friendly, welcoming, and encourages questions and exploration.

Each growth group lasts about an hour. The schedule is something like this:

  • Arrive and enjoy snacks and conversation, 10-15 minutes.
  • “Opening questions” introduce the topic and help us get to know each other, 10 minutes.
  • “Digging deeper” goes beneath the surface to uncover God’s truth for us, 20 minutes.
  • “Application” questions applies the Bible verses to our personal lives, 10 minutes.
  • Each lesson includes a time to share our life needs and pray for one another.

Our current Growth Groups are meeting:

  • Wednesday morning at 9:00 a.m. at church.
  • Wednesday evening at 6:30 p.m. at church.

Additionally you might enjoy these group:

  • “Sip ‘n Stitch” is a knitting, needlecraft, coffee and conversation group that meets each Monday at 5:00 pm at the church.
  • “Praise Team” meets each Thursday to prepare music for the Sunday service.
  • The men gather from time to time for hiking or other outdoor activities.