Our Sunday worship service is held at the church, located at 2973 N 4th ST in Wytheville, Virginia at 9:30 a.m. [Directions: Go two miles north of Wal-Mart on Rt. 52 / 4th Street … the church is on the left, above the pond.]

God is all-powerful. God is perfectly fair. God is morally pure. Because God is GOD it is right that we worship Him. The word worship means “to submit” to God because you think He is worthy of your devotion.

How do you submit to God? It is a matter of choice. You decide to allow God to influence your thinking and behavior. You say, “God, I invite you to be my Leader.” And then, you follow Him. It’s not much more complex than that.

Worship is not just for Sundays … but for everyday life during the week. Our submission to God’s leadership means our relationships and activities will come under His influence, and that will make life more meaningful and enjoyable.

You can expect a casual and practical worship service at Sunny Hills. We sing contemporary praise to the Lord and then study the Bible together, applying God’s wisdom to everyday life situations. Give Sunny Hills a try, you may just discover the missing key to the life you’re looking for.

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